HPS Enterprises will oversee a comprehensive reclamation plan that meets or exceeds all state requirements. It is our goal to return our land to its original state and usage as each phase of mining is completed, so that our future generations can continue to live and farm this land.  


Our unique reclamation process will improve and advance the current method. It builds on work sponsored by the Florida Industrial and Phosphate Institute (FIPR), a part of Florida Polytechnic University. Sand and clay will be recombined and dewatered to make a paste, overburden will then be added to increase the solids content – and to improve the soil characteristics. The resulting sand-clay-overburden mixture will be returned to the mine cuts promptly after mining. As proof of concept, the construction and operation of pilot plant has been supported and co-sponsored by FIPR, and is on-going.


Reclamation became a Florida state requirement on any lands mined on July 1, 1975. To learn more about local, state, and national phosphate mining regulations, please visit The Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Website.

BIENVILLE PLANTATION (Former Phosphate Land - White Springs Phosphate Mine)

Reclamation sites aren't all pastures and crop lands. Bienville Plantation, America's leading hunting and fishing resort, is a hot spot for enthusiasts to catch Florida trophy bass or hunt for the perfect Quail, gentleman's style. The renowned hunting and fishing operation envisioned the potential of the reclaimed open fields, and transformed the land into a destination where Southern hospitality and corporate events are their specialty. The plantation features lodging, dining, and allows guests to fish for superior trophy bass, hunt for quail, deer, duck, and even alligator! Watch the reclamation site convert into Bienville Plantation.




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