The United States supplies 25% of the world’s demand for phosphate, and is the third largest producer behind China and Morocco. Phosphate is typically used to produce fertilizer, animal feed, detergents, and food and beverage products.


America understands the significance this special mineral plays on the human race as well as the consequences of not mining for it. Only 4 states in the U.S. extract phosphate rock including Florida, Utah, North Carolina, and Idaho. Florida remains the highest producing state, supplying 75% of America's phosphate rock. Although the economic impacts of the mining project will be global, the greatest effect will be the regional economy. The additional tax revenues that will be generated will be directed back to Bradford and Union counties, with an emphasis on the local school districts.


Currently, the phosphate mining industry provides 3,900 jobs in Florida, but could reach up to 7,000 if new mines are opened. We are proud to create much-needed jobs that will immediately filter through our local economy.


The HPS II Phosphate Mining Project will bring a multitude of economic benefits. The project will contribute an annual stimulus to the regional economy, create jobs, and increase ad volarem taxes.


  • $70 million dollar anticipated annual expenditure

  • $156.3 million anticipated annual stimulus to the regional economy

  • 28% increase in ad valorem taxes

  • 152 direct jobs anticipated

  • 418 indirect/induced jobs anticipated


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