HPS Enterprises is composed of landowners, farmers, cattleman, and hunters in Bradford and Union Counties. The Hazen, Howard, Pritchett, and Shadd families have been a part of the local communities for generations and plan to remain here for years to come. As proud landowners, we will reside on our land throughout the entire mining operation.


We completely understand your concerns surrounding the environmental risks involved with phosphate mining, and because we are not a corporate mining organzation we have planned a water-conserving strategy independent from all other mines. We plan to place the mining project within our own farming property, and we will only allow the land to be mined if it can be fully restored. We strive to allow our children and their grandchildren to live, work, and produce on our family farms long after the project is complete. We also intend to live on the property during the mining process to ensure the most effective reclamation process is accomplished.


Minimizing water consumption and preserving the natural resources of the land remains our main goal for the project. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) oversees phosphate mining operations through their Mining and Mitigation Program. We will work hand-in-hand with FDEP throughout every phase of this project, along with all Federal, State, and Local agencies. In addition, there are several environmental studies underway which will guide the project planning from mining and operation through the reclamation process. Protecting Florida’s natural resources is of the highest priority.


HPS Enterprises is a locally owned and chartered mining organization, and we fully understand that our local community is a major stakeholder in the project. Communication with the community will be in a transparent fashion. "It is our desire to communicate to our home community the facts and the truth," Carita Shadd Wall.


PROJECT HELPLINE (813) 887- 3800 x 2001